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New GoPro Hero Optical Mounts

hero20xAudionation-UK/Tactical introduce new Go-Pro Hero3 Optical Mounting Adaptors to their product range. The Go-Pro Hero cam is 1080P resolution sports camera that breaks standards in video quality and features to that of professional video equipment, but with a price tag well under £400.00. It is this price and quality that could lead this camera for surveillance, hunting and security purposes, however the fixed wide angle lens that meets the needs of sports fanatics limits it’s ability for long focal lengths.  No longer, we are introducing a range affordable adaptors that fits directly to the Go-Pro Hero3 housing with 3 version of optical modifications.

Eagle Eye: Any c-mount lens from 40mm focal length on up will work. The adapter also has a standard 1⁄4-20 tripod mount. The amazing GoPro camera can now use any photographic or video lens with a C-mount adapter ring, or connect EagleEye to any Telescope or Microscope with C-mount adaptor.

DeadEye Standalone : 20x zoom lens that fits standard unmodified Hero camera. DeadEye is waterproof, can be mounted on a tripod, Picatinny rail on a weapon system or even hand-held. The amazing GoPro camera can now record events up to 1km!  With the built in Wifi you can remotely your image on Mobile or Tablet device.

DeadEye Scope: Attachment fitting over the ocular of the gun scope connecting Hero to record everything operator sees at a fraction of the cost of other systems utilising gun scope remote imaging. Utilise the Wifi option and view your maintained target remotely. Perfect for long term surveillance or spotters to see a operators scope view from there Mobile or Tablet device.


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