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The award winning iPad waterproof and rugged cases from Andres Industries. No other iPad case can match the quality and waterproof ability. German engineered and manufactured from a real Military pedigree, if you want your iPad protected with confidence nothing else will do. The propriety hinged system is by far the easiest system to install your precise iPad, no awkward layers, silicone overlays or fiddly components. The only case that has real waterproof charging (no need to open the case) and a range of accessories for any situation. If you use your iPad for marine navigation and you want serious protection on you boat this case will meet every expectation. Please select your model for a full product description.

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Hand Straps (Mini & Full Size)

Hand strap. Aishell

iPad Case Shoulder Strap.

iPad case shoulder strap. Price EX VAT

Quicksnapper Holders (for all case versions)

Quicksnapper iPad case holder.  Price + VAT

Snap ipad Rugged Case Holder

Single Suction Mount Kit. Price EX VAT

Tough Case for iPad Mini (aiShell)  Including New Mini 4.


aiShell Ipad Mini Tough Case, MADE IN GERMANY.  AVAILABLE NOW FOR MINI 4  (various colours available, white and black in stock)

Waterproof charging connectors

Waterproof ipad connectors. Price EX VAT

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