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Timro 3 in 1 Thermal Imager

Timro 3 in 1 Thermal Imager


Small form factor Thermal Imager, 3 in 1 – Handheld, Weapon and Helmet.

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Product Description

TIMRO is the first thermal imaging device that was designed from its inception as a 3-in-1 weapon sight, head-mounted and hand-held monocular and achieves the highest performance levels in each of these fields of application in comparison with other thermal imaging devices. This was made possible by the use of cutting-edge technology.

The high performance optotronic lens guarantees a resolution of 640×480 and a 38 degree field of view. It not only has an image four times sharper than the best systems currently available on the market, but the TIMRO’s electronic filter also allows very good orientation. Depending upon requirements, the user can focus on searching for people or alternatively on orientation in indoor environments with poor visibility.

Weight and strength:
Modern laser cusing methods have made it possible to use titanium to produce a very small, extremely lightweight and robust body. This means it can be used as a weapon- mounted thermal imaging aiming device.

However setting standards was not our only goal. We wanted to create a system that fits smoothly into the everyday life of the user. Extensive settings are possible with the TIMRO remaining clear and simple to use “in-the- field”. Many practical details add to its efficiency, such as the vest clip, which ensures the TIMRO is always within easy reach yet can still be transported securely.

1. The hand-held operation small and handy 

TIMRO is ready for use within seconds. After removing it from its holder you just need to open the lens cover and it automatically switches on and is ready to be used as hand-held device.

Civilian version not for use on weapons:
TIMRO 640m is designed for military use, TIMRO 640z is the civilian version.

In accordance with German gun control laws, TIMRO 640z is not equipped with a STANAG mount. This means the device can be used as a head-mounted or hand-held monocular but cannot be attached to a weapon. The TIMRO 640z also has no crosshair overlay.

2. Use as a head-mounted thermal imaging viewer

Its weight and size mean that TIMRO is one of the Advantages:


lightest and smallest thermal imaging viewers on the market. All functions, such as zoom and filter settings, are of course available when using TIMRO as a viewer.

Extremely low weight and compact size. TIMRO is 7 cm long, up to 5 cm shorter than comparable devices. Its weight at 220g is some 100g less than many of the lightest residual light amplifiers on the market.

large field of view (>38 ° diagonal )

Digital detail enhancement for better orientation in the field and in dark or smoke-filled interiors. This is particularly advantageous as detail enhancement allows the user to partially replace the functions of a night vision device, the technology allowing for an increase in contrast between objects of similar temperature.

Use while attached to a helmet. Compatible with all helmet mounts on the market.

Quick Snap System:
It only takes seconds to fasten the night vision device to a helmet mount. Removal is just as quick, allowing for its use as a handheld system or weapon-mounted.

Laser marking option:
Either the infrared laser or the red laser can be used to mark targets for non-thermal night vision devices.

3. Use as a weapon-mounted thermal

image sighting device
(TIMRO 640m, military and law enforcement only )

Even when TIMRO is worn as a viewer, it only takes seconds to detach it from the helmet and attach it to a MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny with its optional STANAG- mount. Within moments you have a thermal image sighting device.


A choice of reticles.
Zoom up to 8x.
Electronically adjustable
Target engagement from up to 200 m S weapons database.


TIMRO is equipped with video output and video input, allowing two TIMROs to be combined. Therefore one device can display images from the other. For example, one TIMRO can be mounted on a rifle as a weapon sight while the other is attached to the helmet. After pressing the corner-view button, you will be able to “see” everything through the weapon sight, including reticle and zoom functions.

This allows the operator, in a CQB scenario for example, to look into a building or around a corner without exposing himself to the line of fire. The only accessory required is the appropriate cable to connect the two devices.

If you press the corner-view button again, the corner- view function will be closed and the TIMRO on the helmet will revert to its own view. Users can switch between operating modes in seconds.

Corner-view mode retains all standard TIMRO functions.

Video recording:

The video output can also be connected to a commercially available recording device.

Bottom-Top function:

In certain situations, the use of handguns is more convenient.
Since these usually only have a STANAG-rail below the barrel, the bottom-top function is used.

This is an additional function of the corner-view mode. In order to use handguns with the TIMRO in corner- view mode, it is possible to change the settings to suit the selected weapon and also its view orientation allowing the TIMRO to be mounted upside-down. However, the picture remains right-side-up for the user.

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