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Floating Strap For Ipad Case (Mini, 9.7 & 10.5)

Floating Strap For Ipad Case (Mini, 9.7 & 10.5)


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For those who work or carry out activities regularly around deep water, marinas or at sea then this cost effective straps adds some buoyancy  should the inevitable happen during mobility.  It allows you to promptly retrieve the case from the water before it descends, and with the bright padded strap is easy to spot should it go overboard. The straps allows the case and ipad to sit comfortable across your body for easy operation (when mounted diagonal across corner supports), and be carried comfortably on your shoulder. It’s length can be adjusted easily to suit any operator. It can stay attached even when the case and ipad are mounted on a cradle. Quick released clips are included so the strap can be quickly removed and reattached on demand.


Note: Testing has only taken place for weights up to the pro 10.5 case. The 12.9 case has not been tested for retrieval times and buoyancy and therefore if you are using the 12.9 case and the risk of overboard is high and which requires reassurance that it could be retrieved, then we recommend 2 float straps are used.

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