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LRAD 2000X. 162dB Extended Range Acoustic Device.

LRAD 2000X. 162dB Extended Range Acoustic Device.

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Product Description

Long Range Acoustic Device®

The new LRAD 2000X provides long distance hailing and warning and highly intelligible voice communication.

The superior voice intelligibility and clarity of LRAD 2000X provides a directional audio broadcast that can safely communicate with high intelligibility far beyond standoff distances. LRAD 2000X operators have the ability to issue clear, authoritative verbal commands, followed with powerful deterrent tones to enhance response capabilities. The extended frequency range of the LRAD 2000X ensures voice commands will be clearly understood over distances to 3,500 meters (and beyond in certain environments).


  • Full Military & Sustainment Program Support
  • Domestic & International Relief Assistance
  • Designed to Meet Stringent U.S. (Military) Requirements
  • Determine the Intent of a Threat at an Extended Range
  • Clear, Long-Range Directional Communication
  • Variable Beam Width for Extended Coverage
  • Rugged Military Tested Construction
  • Low Power Requirements
  • All-Weather Use
  • Flexible Mounting, Simple to Operate
  • Safe Alternative to Non-Lethal Deterrent Options
  • Increased Coverage with Single Operator
  • Improved Response Times
  • Improved Coordination Efforts

LRAD System Specifications

Maximum Continuous Output 162dB SPL at 1 meter
Beam Width +/-15° @ 1.0 kHz/-3dB
Communications Range Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 8,900 meters


Dimensions Emitter Array Dimension 2x (25” W x 48“ H x 10” D)
Electronics Housing 31” W x 21” H x12” D Watertight molded case
Weight 160lbs (dual head units 80 lbs x2)
Construction Molded low smoke composite, 6061 Aluminum, Stainless steel, 316 Stainless hardware

All LRAD 2000X systems come standard with a ruggedized MP3 player. The MP3 player can be used to play up to 1GB of pre-recorded messages and warning tones. The large control buttons are designed to allow easy operation with gloves or bulky MOPP gear.MICROPHONE
The Shure Model 577B Microphone is a handheld dynamic microphone designed for communications that require highly intelligible, low noise output.MAXA BEAM HIGH POWERED WHITE LIGHT
The Maxa Beam searchlight delivers 6 million candlepower in a lightweight, mounted unit. Using a high efficiency 75 watt Xenon short arc lamp with over 500 hours of life, this searchlight illuminates targets up to 1.5 miles away.GREEN LASER DAZZLER
Laser engages the target in a wall of green laser light that can be seen at night and in bright sunlight at 200 meters.AUXILIARY CONNECTOR
Auxiliary cable to connect any LRAD system to a Phraselator, iPod or any other MP3 device with a 3.5mm audio output.EXTENDED WARRANTY (PER YEAR)ON SITE TRAINING (PER DAY)
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