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MBPKG-SK Search Light Starter Kit

MBPKG-SK Search Light Starter Kit


MBPKG-SK Starter Kit


Product Description

This package contains everything you need to operate the Maxa Beam and power the searchlight from a battery or vehicle. The included NiCad battery pack can be rapidly recharged in 2.5 hours from a 100-240 VAC or 11-36 VDC source with the included MBP-5200 Multi-Voltage Smart Charger. The package also contains the MBA-3600 Tripod Mount Plate and the MBA-7100 Vehicle Adapter which allows the searchlight to be directly powered from a vehicle’s 12VDC “Cigarette Lighter” receptacle. The equipment is stored in a medium waterproof protective case with custom die-cut foam.

The Maxa Beam Searchlight is a lightweight, high-intensity illumination system with a standard output of 12 million peak beam candlepower. The Maxa Beam’s 85W Xenon short arc lamp is field replaceable and rated at 1,000 hours. The searchlight has an effective visible light range of up to 2 miles and has an infrared illumination range of 1,400 meters with an 850nm IR filter (not included in Deployment Package). The Maxa Beam has a motorized zoom that allows an operator to change the beam width from a 1 degree spot to a 40 degree. The Maxa Beam has three light intensity settings and a user-programmable strobe that acts as an effective non-lethal weapon.


Control Type Handheld
Searchlight Power Source 12VDC VehicleBattery


Package Contents

(1) MBS-410 Maxa Beam Searchlight

(1) MBA-8208-L 8 In. Power Cord

(1) MBP-1308 LiFePO4 Battery

(1) MBP-3205 100-240VAC Charger

(1) MBA-1850 850nm Infrared Filter

(1) MBA-6100 Filter Pouch

(1) MBA-6005 Battery Shoulder Strap

(1) MBA-6250 Medium Storage Case

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